Marrica Evans



Marrica Evans is a digital content photographer, educator, and podcast host for content creators based in Dallas, Texas. In 2014, Marrica created the cheeky self-acceptance phrase “Flaunt Your Fro”, which evolved into her popular natural hair platform that encompassed a blog, youtube, and various social media outlets. With two years under her belt of showcasing the best twist outs and wash and go’s on her YouTube channel, she began to fall in love with being behind the camera as much as she loved being in front of it. Due to her increased popularity in the natural hair community, she mastered her craft by offering photography as media services for events and influencers. Marrica honed in on her skills and a newfound love for digital branding and launched Marrica Evans Media LLC! 

In 2017, she officially launched MarricaEvans.com, which offers high quality street and lifestyle photography catered to social media and digital branding. She also has built a strong online community by providing content creating tips and tricks for other photographers, bloggers and business owners. Since then, Marrica has developed a unique photography style in Dallas Texas and is one of the most sought out photographers in her niche. Marrica has an eye for lifestyle shots perfect to take your digital branding to new heights.