“Oftentimes we go through life becoming what someone else wants us to be, and it’s important to spend time with ourselves, regularly, so that we can take that power back and create who we want to become.” – Brittney King Brock

Brittney King Brock is not only a wellness advocate and music executive, but she is also a happy wife and mother. As the Founder and operator of King Creative Group and the President/GM at TenThousand Projects, Brittney has worked alongside some of the best and brightest talents in music and entertainment. Coming from the fast-paced and demanding arena of entertainment, Brittney can speak first hand to the value of taking care of one’s self first. Her personal brand ‘Women Like Me’ is centered around providing support to working and entrepreneurial women and mothers. Women Like Me serves as a catalyst for Brittney to create the life she wants for herself and inspire others to do the same.

Brittney has always been a student of personal development & growth, but health & wellness didn’t become a priority until her late 20’s. As a result of experiencing numerous panic attacks triggered by stress, she realized that her work & professional career was running her into the ground, creating unhealthy, unsustainable habits. This ultimately caused extreme burnout, which slowly spiraled towards moments of depression. Through self-discovery, Brittney learned to redefine what she considered ‘success’ and create space for wellness in her life.

Today, Brittney is a wife, mom, music executive & wellness entrepreneur, passionate about working with women in creative industries and helping them to believe that it is possible to pursue a passion and a dream without losing sight of yourself. As a chief encourager, she is determined to become the best version of herself and inspire those around her to do the same. Her unique, no-nonsense approach helps her bring out the best in people and challenge them to operate in excellence.