Brittany Bullock



Being creative is my superpower. Being creative is my superpower. 
Growing up in a small town in southern Indiana didn’t leave much room for exploration. I found myself using my mind as a mental jungle gym where I could escape the cornfields and country living. It wasn’t until my late 20s that I discovered what I was good at: doing my job, creating things, and being places.   My future Ted Talk will be about not being forced to choose between being well-known or worth knowing but the ability to do both. It’s part of living in your “and”. The space between who you are and the many roles that God has given you to play. It’s that conjunction that links you to your purposeMy blog The Brittany B is dedicated to disabling the idea of work life balance to birth work-life integration. Your 9 to Life includes corporate success, passion projects & side hustles, travel, and everything in between. I aim to give resources and valuable tips for those who are looking to not only build their brand in the company but also build equity and success. Most importantly, my favorite color is black.  I wear a lot of gold. Unicorns are real.  I’m a better person when moisturized. I believe perfect eyebrows are a priority. Cardi B is a hero and her weave is her cape.  I ask myself these three questions to ensure that I’ve had the best day I could: 

• Did I do good work

• Did I do good by people

• Did I dress well while doing it